MAXST Launches Official Industrial AR Service ‘MAXWORK’

2020-07-08 10:00 출처: Maxst Co., Ltd.

MAXST launched Industrial AR Service MAXWORK which can innovatively reduce the implementation barriers of AR technology

SEOUL--(뉴스와이어) 2020년 07월 08일 -- Provider of augmented reality platform MAXST officially launched ‘MAXWORK’ which can innovatively reduce the implementation barriers of AR technology on July 7th.

As a part of a smart factory, the industrial site made tremendous attempts to bring in AR with IoT and AI in their worksite to increase the productivity of workers in the area of daily inspection, maintenance, repair and training. However, there were lots of difficulties to use that in an industrial workplace because of the expensive cost to produce AR contents and high dependency to develop software.

With ‘MAXWORK’, companies can bring AR technology into their workplace very easily without any software development/integration process and can lower down AR content production costs dramatically. For example, production and engineering teams in the field can also create AR manuals intuitively. Also, cooperation/collaboration between different teams and departments can be efficiently supported by AR remote support.

‘MAXWORK’ is a cross-platform service which can be used in iOS-Android-Web (PC), and supports smart glasses also. Furthermore adopting ‘MAXWORK’ can solve the various problems in the industrial area because it can be applied not only for internal communication but also for external ones, such as with customers and experts outside of its own organization.

MAXST collected requirements of industrial sites over the years, collaborating with Samsung Electronics, DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine Engineering), Hyundai Motors, KT (Korean Telecom) and more, and these are the basis of this service.

MAXWORK has three features. Firstly ‘Remote’ is an AR video call. Building your own AR manual without coding is possible with ‘Create’ and then using ‘Direct’ makes users see that. Especially ‘Remote’ saves time to solve the problem by coworking with 4 members maximum, by sharing the same screen with the function of AR stickers and drawings. Those call logs will be uploaded in the cloud server and can be used on the purpose of recording, training and education. Furthermore, ‘Admin’ will be provided to manage their work systematically by assigning the accessibility of each function to each member and analyzing the logs.

From April, over 40 companies already discovered the value of ‘MAXWORK’ through early access and they are rushing to adopt an official launching version. Anyone who is intrigued by ‘MAXWORK’, is open to use a trial license for a month as free on MAXWORK website.

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